Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Lutzian Dances on "So You Think You Can Dance"

Courtney Kirby of Lutz was on "So You Think You Can Dance" Wednesday night (6/6/12). Her grandmother taught her dance and was with her on the show, sitting with the Judges. She is going to Las Vegas. (See updates below)

 You can find videos of her dancing at her YouTube site. Here is a video of her from two years ago

It appears she dances with the All American Dance Factory at Dale Mabry and Fletcher.

Update 6/7/12

Here is a recap of Courtney's dance from

Courtney brought her sassy former-dancer Grandma. This old lady was hysterical. Nigel brought her up to watch from his chair and Grandma gets a bit fresh with him then cries her way through Courtney’s very beautiful routine. Courtney is someone I think the audience would vote for. She is cute and talented, in a very Lauren Froderman sort of way. Where the first time a choreographer makes her sexy we are all a bit shocked but she pulls it off and we love her even more. Mary and Debbie say Vegas, but Nigel said choreo. Grandma tells him to change his mind so he doesn’t look ridiculous. Hey Courtney – bring Grams to Vegas, will ya?

Tampa was also represented, by Danielle Dominguez.

Here is the recap of Danielle's performance from

Oh how I love a name with alliteration. And she loves bacon. Like, a lot. My arteries clogged just watching the video. But then Nigel said suggested that Mary and Debbie would like to try this diet… yikes. Danielle also said her mom used to cheer – so Mom did a routine in the aisle. Good on ya, Momma! Her routine was bizarre in a great way. I could imagine Sonya Tayeh sitting at home just aching to get her hands on her, which Mary brought up as well. I love the “weird” dancers (like Mark Kanemura) and was happy she was sent to Vegas.

You can find her videos on her YouTube site.  She is apparently affiliated with the Centerstage Dance Academy, located on Dale Mabry, not too far from All american Dance Factory.

Update 6/9/12  

There is an article in the Tampa Bay Times about Courtney's  86 year old grandmother - Eva Dean Booth and her appearance with Courtney at SYTYCD..  She lives in Carrollwood (part of northern Tampa area - south of Lutz)  "taught and studied dance as a young hoofer in Utah 70 years ago".

As relatives gathered at Winners Grill in Tampa to watch the episode, they got a surprise; Eva Dean showed up in the segment as much as her granddaughter, earning her 15 minutes of fame with a playful, sassy spirit that clearly delighted Lythgoe.

Further Internet research reveals that Eva was not the only dancer in her family.  Her late sister Louise Waite Lauriski "touched many lives by inspiring, promoting, and teaching dance. In 1991 she was awarded a Life-Time Achievement Award by Daniel J. Hoctor's Dance Caravan Professional Dance Teacher's Association in recognition of exemplary devotion and dedication to the training, guidance and inspiration of aspiring young dancers. Her legacy lives on through Tueller School of Dance, Logan; Coggins Dance Company, Ogden; Tracy's Dance Academy, Salt Lake City; Dana Smith Dance Studio, Pocatello, Idaho, and her many granddaughters and great-granddaughters who love dance. An article that appeared in a newspaper summed it up best, "The ballet number was nothing short of an extravaganza. I marvel at Mrs. Lauriski's ability to make every child a featured performer, if but for a little while. When better things are done, she will do them."


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